Remembering Bill Borsch

Left: Billy Borsch at one year.
Right: Dad a few months before his death at age 87

This site is a tribute to our Dad, William “Bill” Borsch, and we hope you enjoy it.

All of us have stories, photos and videos which we intend to some day capture and document for future generations. Often it is simply too challenging to create these rememberances and publish them, or is time-consuming to create the content which will end up on a site like this one (e.g., scanning dozens or hundreds of photos!). Over time we will add photos, videos, audio and other remembrances so please sign up for email updates by entering your email address in, “Follow Us By Email” in the left sidebar.

While this site is not yet as comprehensive as we’d like or filled with all the content we’d want to be within it, Bill’s four children, Nancy, Steve, Jeanne and Mary have published this tribute to our Dad and we will work to add stories, photos and video to this website.