Dad’s Photo Boards

When Dad passed away I had scanned in dozens of photos and from that selected a few I could use for photo boards. You know…the ones on easels at someone’s reviewal and at the church during the funeral and luncheon.

I created these in CollageIt (the ‘Pro’ version), made them in to high resolution PDFs, and then imported those PDFs as images in Photoshop. From there I saved them as JPGs and had Costco’s Photo Department print them on foam-core board for something like $16 apiece.

Now that we’re downsizing (we’re putting our house on the market in the next several weeks), I came across these boards and, unfortunately, we can’t take them with us. Instead I’ve just finished uploading the original, high resolution images of them here to my Flickr account if you’d like to see them bigger.







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