Bill’s Family

l-r: Jeanne (Wolf); Dorothy; Nancy (Klein);  Bill; Steve and Mary

l-r: Jeanne; Dorothy; Nancy; Bill; Steve and Mary

This family portrait was taken in the late 1970s and is the only ‘pro’ photo we ever had of the six of us. It was likely taken as a church directory photo (Nativity of Mary Catholic Church in Bloomington, MN).

We four kids sure loved Mom and Dad but now it’s our time to move in to the role of family ‘elders’. As of this writing in March of 2013 there are seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild of Bill and Dorothy. They are:

  • Nancy’s sons (ex-husband Charles): Justin and Kevin (Amanda Ramey-Klein) Klein
  • Steve’s daughter and son (wife is Michelle Lamb-Borsch): Elizabeth (Liz) and Alexander
  • Jeanne’s son and daughter (husband is Rich Wolf): Matthew and Amanda (Matt is married to Alysha and they have a daughter, Evelyn)
  • Mary’s daughter (husband is Ron Carlson): Emily